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Days like this aren’t easy for your Curmudgeon. What are we supposed to do when there isn’t any news to blog about?

1: We could sum up the past six months of failures by the Discoveroids — oh, wait, we’ve already done that.

2: We could work on our database of creationist perverts. Let’s see, the last time we reported about Rev. Robert Lyzenga was back in May: Creationist Voyeurism: Update on Case #5. At that time the rev had pleaded guilty to all charges of voyeurism for planting cameras inside air fresheners in the women’s bathroom stalls at Sunrise Christian Reformed Church.

Now, the Journal & Courier of West Lafayette, Indiana has this headline: Ex-pastor sentenced for church bathroom voyeurism. Wow — church bathroom voyeurism — what a phrase! In addition to describing the juicy details of the rev’s perversion, which you’ll want to read for yourself, they say:

Former pastor Robert Lyzenga, who admitted in May to hiding two video cameras inside a women’s restroom at the Lafayette church he shepherded, was sentenced Friday to four years in prison followed by three years of probation.

How many other creationist perverts are out there? It’s a horrifying thought, so we’ll drop it. Okay, what else can we post about?

3: We could post a new pic of Aaaargh!!, one of your Curmudgeon’s two splendid Dobermans. But we don’t want one of our dogs to share a post with a creationist voyeur, so that’s out. What else is there?

4: Aha — we can declare an Intellectual Free-Fire Zone. Hey, great idea!

As with all our free-fire zones, we’re open for the discussion of pretty much anything — science, politics, economics, whatever — as long as it’s tasteful and interesting. Banter, babble, bicker, bluster, blubber, blather, blab, blurt, burble, boast — say what you will. But avoid flame-wars and beware of the profanity filters.

We now throw open the comments to you, dear reader. Have at it!

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Discovery Institute Catastrophes: Mid 2014

Wile E. Coyote

Wile E. Coyote

At the end of last year we posted Discovery Institute Catastrophes in 2013. Now that we’re half-way through 2014, let’s take a look at their dismal record of accomplishments for this year.

In making such a survey, it’s good to keep in mind their Wedge strategy. It’s the founding manifesto of the Discovery Institute, drafted in 1998. You can read the actual document at the NCSE website: The Wedge Document. Here’s a scan of the original: The Wedge. It’s a pdf document which begins with a graphic of Michelangelo’s God creating Adam. We wrote about it here: What is the “Wedge Document”?

So far, the Discoveroids have failed to accomplish every one of their goals and objectives, but they keep plugging away. How is this possible? Very few endeavors continue in the face of endless failure.

Occasionally, some lone individual will devote his life to a bizarre cause, for example, there’s The Time Cube guy. Government programs can go on for generations, accomplishing nothing, because the politicians aren’t spending their own money, and the bigger the government gets, the more important they are, so they don’t care if their programs ever do anything. The Discoveroids aren’t spending their own money either. As long as somebody’s money keeps flowing in, they’ll keep doing what they do.

Here’s what they’ve done — or rather, have failed to do — in 2014:

They began the year by claiming they had nothing to do with the fact that creationism was being taught in the public schools of Louisiana — see Creationism in Louisiana? Klinghoffer Is Shocked! That was particularly lovely because the Louisiana Science Education Act is one of the few accomplishments the Discoveroids have ever had, but they were forced to disown it.

They ducked, and have continued ducking, as Bryan College flagrantly discriminated against its faculty members who weren’t sufficiently creationist. They ignored all their rhetorical calls for “Academic Freedom,” which was thereby revealed to be a slogan they invoke only when a secular school, like Ball State, tries to rein in creationists who won’t teach science. See “Academic Freedom” for Creationists Only.

There was that shining moment when they finally stopped pretending that their movement was about science, and Klinghoffer Admits Intelligent Design Is Theism.

They spent a couple of months complaining about Cosmos. Also — as they often do — they presented numerous arguments they claimed supported intelligent design — for example Discoveroids: Horses Can Prance, Therefore …, and also Discoveroids: Science Copies Nature, Therefore … — but their record of failing to produce data to support their “theory” remains unbroken.

Then they tried to stir up some action by complaining about a Darwin Day event held at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, but they never got any mileage out of it — see Science Museum Promotes Science — Scandal!

Oh, and all the states that considered some version of their Academic Freedom Act failed to pass such a law.

So what are their plans for the second half of 2014? We have no idea. In all likelihood, they’ll be concentrating on making sure their generous patrons fund the joint for another year. Accomplishing that is the only goal they have any hope of achieving.

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What Is Ken Ham Complaining About?

There’s a typical rant at the blog of Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo), the Australian entrepreneur who has become the ayatollah of Appalachia, famed for his creationist ministry, Answers in Genesis (AIG) and for the infamous, mind-boggling Creation Museum.

You can read it here: Loss of Religious Freedom in the USA. Even the title is absurd, because no one is losing his religious freedom. Hambo certainly isn’t. But instead of dismissing this as the usual creationist balderdash, let’s try to figure out what ol’ Hambo is really complaining about. He begins, with bold font added by us for emphasis:

I have been saying for years that the topics of creation, evolution, and the age of earth all relate to an authority issue: who is the ultimate authority in this world, God or man?

Translation: What will you believe — the raving of some preacher-man waving a bible around, or the verifiable facts of reality, painstakingly discovered by scientists over a period of centuries?

Okay, next excerpt:

It’s the battle that has been going on for 6,000 years since the devil tempted Eve stating that “you will be like God” (Genesis 3:5). In Genesis 3:1, the devil attacked the authority of God’s Word, saying to Eve, “Did God really say?” So his first attack in the world was one directed at the Word of God. That attack has not let up since Genesis. The battle for 6,000 years has been one between God’s Word and man’s word. It’s the same attack happening around us today.

Translation: Same as before. Let’s read on:

Sadly, much of the church has surrendered in this battle, allowing man’s fallible word to be used in judgment over God’s infallible Word. The church did this starting in the 1800s when so many leaders and others compromised God’s Word in Genesis with evolution, millions of years, or both.

Translation: Some churches aren’t as stridently anti-reality as Hambo would like them to be. Hambo wants everyone to think the way he wants them to think — but they won’t do it! This is an outrage!

The rant continues:

As a result of this surrender by much of the church, we have seen the erosion of biblical authority in the culture.

Translation: As people refuse to deny reality, preachers like Hambo are losing their power and influence.

Here’s more:

And the more the culture determines that its worldview is built on man’s Word instead of God’s Word, the more we will see the collapse of the Christian worldview and increasing moral relativism. At the same time, we will see an increasing intolerance of the Christian worldview and a growing loss of religious freedom, as those intolerant of Christianity impose their anti-God worldview on the culture.

Translation: Same as before. Ol’ Hambo is worried that people like him are becoming irrelevant. And he’s right. But no one interferes with Hambo’s website ministry, and no one tells him how to run his Creation Museum. He has total freedom to operate his rural tourist attraction any way he likes. He knows that too.

What really bothers him is that except for his drooling customers, the rest of the world ignores him. He’s irrelevant, he knows it, and he can’t stand it.

That’s where we’ll quit, because the remainder of his little essay is about the recent Hobby Lobby decision, which doesn’t interest us.

So where are we after dissecting Hambo’s latest post? All his ranting about man versus god really boils down to Hambo versus reality. Deep down, Hambo knows that he’s on the losing side.

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Klinghoffer Is Still Ranting about “Cosmos”

It’s been six weeks since we saw the final episode of Cosmos: A SPACETIME ODYSSEY, hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson. But the Discovery Institute can’t stop posting about it.

This reminds us of the crushing blow the intelligent design movement received in the Kitzmiller decision. The Discoveroids continue to criticize everything about it — well, everything except the inadequacy of the evidence and legal arguments on their side of the case. Now they’re adding Cosmos to their permanent portfolio of oppressive opponents.

Our last post about the Discoveroids’ fear that the Cosmos series would be used as an educational tool in public schools was Klinghoffer Reacts to “Cosmos” Episode 11. At that time we said:

Klinghoffer is aghast at the notion of the Cosmos series being used as — gasp! — supplemental material in science classes. But … isn’t the use of supplemental material encouraged by the Discoveroids’ campaign to have states enact Academic Freedom bills? We’re always being told that it’s supposed to inspire “critical thinking.” This is so confusing!

That was two months ago, but the specter of Cosmos being shown in public school science classes still bothers them. It haunts them. And so it is that David Klinghoffer, the Discoveroids’ journalistic slasher and poo flinger, has posted about the subject yet again. His newest is Now with 12 Emmy Nominations, Why Shouldn’t Cosmos End Up in the Schools? He says, with bold font added by us:

Next month we’ll see how many Emmys Cosmos walks away with but 12 nominations isn’t bad at all. … With that kind of recognition going for it, the series seems even more likely than it did before to end up as a staple in public-school science instruction.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! What really bothers the Discoveroids is that the same wicked Darwinists who will approve of using Cosmos in the schools won’t allow the schools to use material like Of Pandas and People or any of the creationist texts published by Discovery Institute Press. This is an outrage!

Then, after Klinghoffer quotes someone who praises Cosmos, we’re told:

So then what is wrong with Cosmos, exactly? Writing today at The Blaze, Casey Luskin nails it. Cosmos is propaganda for a myopic view of science, where dead matter rules the universe.

We haven’t read that article at The Blaze — an apt name for what we assume is a flamingly creationist website — nor have we read Klinghoffer’s excerpt from it, but if you care to see what Casey wrote, here’s a link: Materialism for the Masses: ‘Cosmos’ Reboot Distorts the History of Science. Klinghoffer continues:

Cosmos gives no inkling of any alterative [sic] scientific view. As a media vehicle … it’s much less “educationally driven” than it is message-driven.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Unlike the Discoveroids’ website. Klinghoffer ends by mentioning something Casey posted earlier, For First Amendment Purposes, Is Atheism a Religion?, which was so bad that we didn’t bother devoting a full post to it. We brushed it aside in Slow Weekend Free Fire Zone, but Casey’s alternate universe interpretation of the Constitution (like the Discoveroids’ alternate universe interpretation of the universe) is now part of their standard dogma. Klinghoffer says:

Casey also reminds us that for First Amendment purposes, atheism counts as a religion. And you’re not supposed to teach religion in public schools, remember?

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! We are grateful to Klinghoffer for reminding us of Casey’s unique view of things. Anyway, this is a hint of the fury that is certain to come when the Discoveroids learn of actual situations where Cosmos is shown to kids in public school science classes. We’re looking forward to that.

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