Discovery Institute: A Blizzard of Misrepresentation About Florida

FLORIDA’S State Board of Education recently upgraded that state’s education standards to teach evolution, as reported at Eugenie Scott’s National Center for Science Education (The e-word arrives in Florida). The Discoveroids at the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture, having failed to bully and bamboozle the Board, are now hoping to degrade science education by getting the Florida legislature to pass the so-called “Academic Freedom Act,” text of the bill (SB 2692) is here.

The Discoveroids are bringing out their top “talent” in support of what we call their “Freedom to be an Idiot” bill in Florida. Blogger John West is not only a Senior “Fellow” at the Discovery Institute, he’s also Associate Director of their Center for Science & Culture (that’s the gang that promotes Intelligent Design, or “ID”) and Vice President for Public Policy and Legal Affairs. That’s a lot of fancy titles for an operative at what amounts to the Discoveroid Ministry of Truth, who is also one of the chief keepers of the Wedge Strategy. Here’s the Discoveroid blog article:

Florida Darwinists Can’t Get Story Straight about Opposition to Academic Freedom Act, in which John West says:

Darwinists in Florida are in a tizzy trying to figure out why they oppose the proposed Academic Freedom Act in their state. Sometimes they claim the act isn’t needed because no one who questions Darwin is being denied academic freedom. Other times they insist the act should be rejected because academic freedom is nothing but “smelly crap.” Still other times, they insist the act is bad because it supposedly authorizes the teaching of religion in science class, even though the text of the act clearly says the exact opposite (“This section shall not be construed to promote any religious doctrine, promote discrimination for or against a particular set of religious beliefs, or promote discrimination for or against religion or nonreligion.”)

[Skipping a huge load to get to the final paragraph]

Ironically, the only reason Florida Darwinists would have to fear that this bill might protect intelligent design somewhere down the road is if they already have concluded they cannot win the debate over whether ID is science. Indeed, by insisting that intelligent design must be covered by the bill, Darwinists in Florida seem to have admitted that despite their rhetoric, they really believe that intelligent design is science after all! And that may be the most telling admission in the entire debate.

Actually, John, my dear “Fellow,” if ID were indeed science, then the evidence for it would be well documented in legitimate peer-reviewed science journals, and it would already be included in competently written texts and presented in science class — without any need for your frenzied efforts. But because over 99% of scientists — a group that doesn’t include political science types like you — are in total accord that ID is nothing but jazzed-up creationism, then science class in state-run schools is the one place where it can’t be presented.

Sorry, John. Florida is finally moving into the 21st Century, while you’re stuck in the 11th. There’s only a thousand years between you. But, hey — thanks for playing!

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