Ronda Storms: Florida’s Own April Fool

FLORIDA’S STATE SENATOR Ronda Storms (R) is probably not the biggest ignoramus in the Sunshine State, or even in that state’s legislature. There are dumber people, but they’re usually institutionalized and communicate only with grunts and facial gestures. Creationists like Ronda are the dumbest people that most of us are aware of.

Ronda seems to have chug-a-lugged all the Kool Aid offered by the the Discoveroids at the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture, and has introduced into the Florida Senate a version of their so-called Academic Freedom Act, which protects teachers against “discrimination” if they teach “the full range of views on biological and chemical evolution”. What’s the “full range of views”? You know — it includes alternatives like creationism and its not-so-cleverly disguised current incarnation, Intelligent Design. Without such protection, incompetent science teachers would properly be disciplined for indoctrinating students with unscientific beliefs.

A recent article in the Tampa Tribune correctly rips into Ronda for her efforts to undermine science education: ‘Academic Freedom’? Not Free, Just Dumb. It says:

By the twisted logic of Storms’ “Academic Freedom Act,” what is to prevent teachers from telling students — because they feel like it — the Holocaust never happened, or that the 1969 moon landing was nothing more than a Hollywood sound stage hoax …?

That’s not “Academic Freedom.” It’s sanctioning intellectually dishonest scholastic anarchy.

I suspect that Ronda and her creationist legislation will be the subject of future entries in this humble blog.

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