Florida Moves Closer to Insanity

FOR SOME, SHE’S A VISION of loveliness. For others, she’s a nightmare out of hell. Either way, here she is:

Ronda Storms
Florida State Senator Ronda Storms (R)

Inspired by the so-called Academic Freedom Act which is sponsored by the Discovery Institute, Florida’s lovely Ronda Storms has started the creationist ball rolling in Florida. It’s rolling downhill into the slime and muck of the pre-scientific Dark Ages, so in the absence of any intelligent resistance in the Florida Legislature, the end of this story isn’t too difficult to predict.

As Discoveroid Casey Luskin, a leading intellectual at the Discovery Institute, reports: Florida Evolution Academic Freedom Bill Moves Forward

The Florida Academic Freedom bill has moved forward today past Florida’s Senate Judiciary Committee. It has now been approved by both Senate committees and will soon get a vote on the floor of the Florida Senate.

And as the Palm Beach Post reports in this article Evolution proposal clears Senate committee:

Public school science teachers who want to include creationism or intelligent design in their lesson plan could not be punished by principals or school districts under a bill approved Tuesday by a Florida Senate committee.


It was approved 6-2 by the Senate Judiciary Committee, with Republicans succeeding in a party-line vote.

The bill now moves to the full Senate for debate, while a companion bill has not yet been debated in the House.

The state education board, under pressure from religious groups that wanted to make room in science class for their beliefs, agreed to refer to evolution as “the scientific theory of evolution” in state documents. That concession was not enough for some lawmakers.

Sen. Ronda Storms, R-Valrico, said she wrote the bill after the board’s decision to protect students and teachers whose beliefs have been “muzzled” in public schools.

Here’s the Florida Senate’s information on Ronda’s bill, which gives its text and links to amendments, voting history, etc.:
Senate 2692: Relating to Teaching Chemical and Biological Evolution.

And here’s the companion bill in the Florida House:
HB 1483 – Teaching Chemical and Biological Evolution.

As Eugenie Scott’s National Center for Science Education reports, similar creationism legislation is pending in Louisiana and Missouri.

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