The Meaning of “Critical Analysis” in Florida

In the article immediately preceding this one, I pointed out that the new version of the anti-evolution bill working its way through the Florida House of Representatives mandates that teachers: “… shall teach efficiently and faithfully … A thorough presentation and critical analysis of the scientific theory of evolution.”

Some of you may be wondering what’s so objectionable about that. Well, you’ve come to the right place for information. This article, posted about eight months ago at the website of The American Association for the Advancement of Science, is about a commentary written by their CEO, Dr. Alan I. Leshner. Read it and you will have the answer to your question: “Critical Analysis”—or Critical Deception? The article quotes Dr. Leshner as follows (emphasis supplied):

“But critical analysis, as a slogan embraced by the intelligent design movement, turns the scientific method upside-down,” he said. “Proponents start with their conclusion—that evolution alone cannot explain the origins of humanity—and then construct an argument to undermine evolution. They do no formal experiments to test their hypothesis, and so they have no findings to publish in scientific journals. They produce no hard evidence. They discover nothing.”

The article concludes with this paragraph, which is followed by a link to Dr. Leshner’s full commentary:

The effort by ID proponents “divides us at a time when we should be united behind efforts to preserve our status as a global powerhouse of innovation,” Leshner concluded in his commentary. “Rather than confuse students with misleading attacks on evolution and other issues, we need to teach science better than ever to inspire a new generation and secure America’s future.”

Now you know what the Hays bill in the Florida House of Representatives is all about.

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