More Voices for Reason (Creationists “Insulted” Again)

Eugenie Scott’s National Center for Science Education reports that yet another prestigious science organization has issued a statement favoring evolution and critical of creationism — including its inbred and malformed offspring, Intelligent Design: The Geological Society of London adds its voice for evolution. That can be added to the NCSE’s already-long list of other scientific organizations which have previously made such statements: Statements from Scientific and Scholarly Organizations.

The Geological Society’s position statement is here: “Young Earth Creationism”, “Creation Science and “Intelligent Design”. It’s brief, and it’s very good, beginning thusly:

This Society upholds the right of freedom of belief for all. The freedom scientists enjoy to investigate the nature and history of the Earth is the same freedom that allows individuals to believe – or not – in a deity.

Science’s business is to investigate the constitution of the universe, and cannot pronounce on any concept that lies “beyond” nature. This is the meaning of “agnostic”, the word coined by former GSL President Thomas Henry Huxley, to describe a scientist’s position of being “unable to know”. This Society has therefore long operated according to the view that religion and science only become incompatible with each other when one attempts to trespass upon the domain of the other.

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