Presidential Candidates’ Opinions on Evolution

Physics Today, the flagship publication of The American Institute of Physics, published this article a few months ago, when there were more candidates than now. Three of the candidates are still with us, so this information is still timely.

Altogether, six science-related questions were asked, including questions about nuclear weapons, science investment, energy policy, and climate change. All questions can be found here. We will focus on one specific question: Where do you stand on teaching evolution? The specific question asked was:

While there is no controversy in the scientific community over the basic facts of evolution, advocates of creationism continue to challenge the teaching of evolution in U.S. schools. Do you believe in natural evolution as a fundamental biological process? Would you advocate keeping creationism in its various incarnations, including intelligent design, out of public school classes?

Click on that last link and you can read the positions of Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John McCain. All three candidates seem to be rational on this issue. A pleasant surprise.

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