Reason Reviews Ben Stein’s “Expelled”

Reason Magazine has a review of Ben Stein’s creationism flick, Expelled: Flunk This Movie! Ben Stein’s new anti-science movie Expelled is all worldview and no evidence. A few choice tidbits:

The movie’s basic point? To quote a transcript from a Rush Limbaugh show posted to the movie’s official website: “Darwinism has taken root, taken hold at every major intellectual institution around the world in Western Society, from Great Britain to the United States, you name it. Darwinism, of course, does not permit for the existence of a supreme being, a higher power, or a God.”

I really enjoy Rush’s show. He’s excellent when he’s doing political analysis. But someone ought to tell him that science isn’t part of his portfolio.

Instead of evaluating this evidence, Stein spends most of the movie asking various proponents of evolutionary theory, including Richard Dawkins, P.Z. Myers, Michael Ruse, and Daniel Dennett, for their religious views. Neither the producers nor Stein understand that offering critiques of a theory with which they disagree is not the same as proving their own theory.

This is key. The Stein film is mostly about religion, while the Intelligent Design “theory” promoters are always insisting that their “science” deserves to be included in science classrooms.

This silly, duplicitous film features one associate after another of the Discovery Institute, the Seattle-based “think tank” that has been at the forefront of campaign to smuggle intelligent design into science classrooms and public discourse. This campaign was outlined in the Discovery Institute’s infamous “Wedge Strategy” document in 1998. That document begins with the sentence, “The proposition that human beings are created in the image of God is one of the bedrock principles on which Western civilization was built.” The Wedge document goes on to complain: “Yet a little over a century ago, this cardinal idea came under wholesale attack by intellectuals drawing on the discoveries of modern science.”

The Wedge document makes it crystal clear what comes first for intelligent designers, and it isn’t evidence. Under activities to popularize intelligent design, the Wedge document mentions “documentaries and other media productions.” Expelled is just part of that propaganda strategy.

If you’re not familiar with the Wedge Strategy, gentle reader, I urge you to click on that link and read it. Then you’ll understand what this “scientific controversy” is really all about — theocracy.

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