More Press Attacks on Florida’s Creationism Bill

BEING A CURMUDGEON, WE usually find ourselves in strong disagreement with the press, but somehow the media in Florida have been mostly right in criticizing the madness of State Senator Ronda Storms (R) and the brain-killing legislation she’s introduced into the Florida legislature, which will assure that future generations in Florida will all be as ignorant as she is.

Even the Miami Herald is correct on this one. Observe this article:
Florida can’t evolve at war with science. Excerpt:

Five years ago, the Florida Legislature was duped into putting up $310 million to lure the Scripps Research Institute to Palm Beach County.

Our cracker politicians were misled by promises that Scripps’ biomedical research would be just the ticket to keep Florida from devolving into a low-skilled, low-tech, low-paid, know-nothing backwater.

Can’t blame ’em. Jeb Bush himself was ballyhooing the deal. ”A defining moment in Florida’s future,” the governor said.

Nobody explained to our hoodwinked legislators that those Scripps fellows were nothing but a bunch of damn evolutionists.

To keep you updated, here’s the Florida Senate’s information on Ronda’s bill, which gives its text and links to amendments, voting history, etc.:
Senate 2692: Relating to Teaching Chemical and Biological Evolution.

And here’s the companion bill in the Florida House:
HB 1483 – Teaching Chemical and Biological Evolution.

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