Ronda Storms Squirms in Florida Senate Session

For some additional information about how — while the amendment permitting “academic freedom for sex education” was alive — State Senator Ronda Storms (R) shamelessly ducked all questions about whether her proposed legislation would permit the teaching of Intelligent Design (i.e. creationism wearing a see-through burka) in science class, read this article in the Miami Herald. Excerpts:

Republican Sen. Ronda Storms said that Democratic proposal went too far and had it voted down on the Senate floor Thursday, saying the sex-ed measure not only didn’t belong on her evolution bill but that it could lead to “prematurely deflowering kindergartners and first- and second-graders.”

Maybe so. But wouldn’t Ronda’s creationism bill lead to prematurely retarding the same children?

After trying to show that Storms, a Christian conservative, is only concerned with ”academic freedom” when it comes to evolution, they tried to cast doubt on her proposal as a backdoor way of teaching Intelligent Design, which a Pennsylvania federal court in 2005 banned from the science classroom as being too theistic.


So Democrats repeatedly asked: Could teachers teach Intelligent Design under the Academic Freedom bill? Ronda Storms wouldn’t say yes or no.

Her answer, instead, came straight from the text of her bill that Democrats were trying to tear apart as backdoor Creationism: ‘You may teach, specifically: `scientific information relevant to the full range of scientific views regarding biological and chemical evolution in connection with teaching any prescribed curriculum regarding chemical or biological evolution.’ ”


She also pointed out that the bill says ”you may not teach religious doctrine.” When pressed about Intelligent Design by Democratic Sen. Nan Rich of Sunrise, Storms said “asked and answered.”

But it wasn’t, said Democratic leader Steve Geller of Cooper City. When he started to ask her personal view about Intelligent Design, Republican Senate President Ken Pruitt of Port St. Lucie interrupted: “Sen. Storms, you don’t have to answer this if you don’t want to.”

So Rapturous Ronda won’t answer directly. But we know what she wants, don’t we? If this bill becomes law, Florida will find its school districts hopelessly ensnared in First Amendment litigation.

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