Ronda Storms Creationism News Roundup

WILL THE FLORIDA LEGISLATURE pass the bill introduced by State Senator Ronda Storms (R) and allow teachers to present Intelligent Design (creationism disguised by a veneer of pseudo-scientific vocabulary) in science class? The question is getting a lot of state-wide coverage as the Senate bill is approaching a final vote. Some examples:

From the Bradenton Herald we have Florida’s evolution debate gets sexy:

It’s called the “Academic Freedom” bill and it’s supposed to give teachers the freedom to teach the “full range of scientific views” about evolution.

But should teachers have the freedom to teach the “full range of scientific views” about sexual education?


Storms said her bill was designed to counteract the “dogmatic” new state science standards requiring for the first time that evolution to be taught – by name – in science classrooms. She said “people are afraid. Teachers are afraid. And students, by the way, are afraid.”

From the Palm Beach Post (an Editorial) we have Fraudulent evolution bill:

Having passed two committees, the Evolution Academic Freedom Act is on the Special Order Calendar, which means that it could get a full Senate vote. Academic freedom? Who isn’t for that? But this bill isn’t about academic freedom. It’s about substituting religion for science.


Translated, the bill wants creationism – disguised as “intelligent design” – to have equal billing in classrooms. The bill is a fraud. The staff analysis notes that “there has never been a case in Florida where a public school teacher or … student has claimed that they have been discriminated against based on their science teaching or science course work.” The bill claims not to “promote any religious doctrine,” but of course it does. It attempts to promote the fundamentalist Protestant view of how life developed.

From the Tampa Tribune we have Storms Grilled About Evolution Bill:

She was asked again and again, but some state senators weren’t satisfied with the answer from Sen. Ronda Storms, the author of a controversial bill some say would allow public school teachers to include creationism or intelligent design in their lesson plan.

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