Discovery Institute Gushes over “Expelled”

IT SHOULD COME AS NO SURPRISE that the Discovery Institute has favorable things to say about Ben Stein’s shabby “documentary.” But this puff-pice is written by none other than Discovery Institute President Bruce Chapman — the Grand Discoveroid, the Ultimate Keeper of their Wedge Strategy. This is Chapman’s article, posted by his toady, Casey Luskin:

Discovery Salutes Expelled. Excerpts (with Curmudgeonly commentary):

Almost all the main elements of the struggle in which the Discovery Institute Center for Science and Culture has been engaged are in this film pulled together in an artful, witty, memorable account.

Indeed. In other words, it’s the same old pseudo-scientific mumbo-jumbo. Continuing:

Oh, if we had been making the film, there would have been even more about the scientific flaws in Darwin’s theory and even more about the scientific case for intelligent design. If the filmmakers had been able to wait a few months we would have been able to provide them with some exciting new scientific studies and books to cite.

Right! All those hot new peer-reviewed research papers just had to be left out because there wasn’t any time.

In any case, this is not our film. We didn’t come up with the idea and we didn’t come up with the money (critics who think we did flatter us!).

That, gentle reader, is a statement from a Discoveroid, so consider it for what it’s worth.

It opens new doors. And it forces many potential allies who would prefer to avert their eyes to recognize that the fight for academic freedom in science is inevitably their fight, too.

Yes! This will encourage the flat-earthers, the UFO anal-probe victims, the astrologers, the moon-landing deniers, and all the other kooks in the world to join with you creationists to demand “academic freedom.” A great film indeed!

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2 responses to “Discovery Institute Gushes over “Expelled”

  1. aegisofreason

    cant wait to see those “exciting new scientific studies “.

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