Will Texas Approve a Degree in Creation Science?

From the Christian Post we have this interesting item: Creation College to Defend Science Degrees at Upcoming Hearing. Excerpts:

A Christian research institute, which is seeking to grant science degrees in Texas, is asking for prayers and support as it faces the final hearing before state education officials next week.

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) will decide at its regularly scheduled meeting next Thursday whether The Institute for Creation Research (ICR) can grant an online master’s degree in Science Education.

They’re talking about the Institute for Creation Research, probably the granddaddy of all creationism websites. Continuing with the article:

The science degree in question has been offered by ICR, which teaches from a literal biblical worldview, in California since 1981. The program has four concentrations: Astro-Geophysics, Biology, Geology and General Science, according to the institute’s Web site.

Critics of the ICR program have mainly questioned the science label of the degree.

Eugenie Scott, executive director of National Center for Science Education, alleged the institute taught “distorted science,” the Dallas Morning News reported earlier.

Despite such criticism, Morris [Henry Morris, founder of ICR] said the school will seek state approval for a science degree.

“We have been told second-hand, through our contact, that their objection is that we are using the word ‘science.’ If we would just drop the word science,” the approval would go through, said Morris.

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