Expelled — Corrected Box Office Results (Ooops!)

WHEN WE PREVIOUSLY reported the box-office results for Ben Stein’s “documentary” from this source: Daily Box Office, the figure for Sunday was only an estimate. The then-reported weekend gross was as follows:

$1,205,000 on Friday, $990,000 on Saturday, and an estimated $958,000 on Sunday.

The figure for Sunday has now been changed. That same link is reporting the final, presumably correct figure: Sunday’s gross take wasn’t even close to the original estimate of $958,000. It was actually only $775,000.

We have even worse news for the promoters of this wretched film. If you look at the figures for the twenty top-ranked films (some above Expelled and some below), you will notice that for each of them — well, for 19 of the 20 — the gross receipts followed the same pattern. After the results for Friday, box-office proceeds increased on Saturday, often substantially. Must be a word-of-mouth thing. Then, all twenty experienced a box-office decrease on Sunday.

Expelled alone shows a decrease in box-office revenue for every day since the release. Word-of-mouth advertising is a powerful thing.

2 responses to “Expelled — Corrected Box Office Results (Ooops!)

  1. Actually, these guys are getting better at doing their sums. Their estimate of 958k against an actual of 775k is an error of a mere 23.612903%

    Which is absolute peanuts compared to the YEC’ers (from whom the Discovery Institute never quite distance themselves) who insist the earth (about 4.54 billion years old at its last birthday) was created 6,000 years ago — an error of 99.999868%. So, though it is not curmudgeonly to do so, I prefer to see that the glass is half-full here.

    Pity is, the DI glass is half-full of some unpotable abomination…

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