Expelled — Monday’s Box Office Receipts

HERE WE GO AGAIN, with the latest box-office receipts for Expelled, Ben Stein’s “documentary” from Daily Box Office. The grand total so far is $3,209,652. Here it is, day by day:

$1,205,000 on Friday
$990,000 on Saturday
$775,000 on Sunday
$238,804 on Monday

If you look at the films on the list (Expelled is number 10) you’ll see that they all showed large percentage declines from Sunday to Monday.

Of greater interest is that for the first 20 films, box-office proceeds increased on Saturday, often substantially — except for one film. Expelled alone shows a decline in box-office revenue for every day since its release.

And don’t forget, Expelled is running at 1,052 theaters. The Monday gross receipts on a per-theater basis is $227.

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