Expelled — Tuesday’s Box Office Receipts

ONCE MORE, your Curmudgeon brings you the latest box-office receipts for Expelled, Ben Stein’s “documentary.” Our data comes from Daily Box Office. The grand total since opening day is now $3,436,884. Here’s the day by day story:

$1,205,000 on Friday (opening day)
$990,000 on Saturday
$775,000 on Sunday
$238,804 on Monday
$227,232 on Tuesday

If you look at the films on the above-linked list (Expelled is number 9, up from 10 yesterday) you’ll see that the films ranked above Expelled have a much higher figure for total receipts. The film immediately above it (Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who!) has a total gross of $144,957,435. Yes, that’s $144 million. But that film seems to have been available much longer than Expelled, and this ranking is obviously only for this week’s figures.

The film ranked number 3 for the week is 88 Minutes, and its total revenue is $8,069,052 — more than double the take for Expelled. All the others ranking above Expelled have grossed substantially more.

So when you hear people gushing that Expelled is doing so well, and is even moving up in the charts, bear in mind that in terms of actual revenue — which is what the movie business is all about — Expelled is bombing out.

Remember also, Expelled opened at 1,052 theaters. Tuesday’s gross for the movie on a per-theater basis is only $216. That’s probably not enough revenue for a theater to keep the electricity on. This film won’t be around much longer, and we probably won’t be posting any more of these daily reports.

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