Florida’s Legislature: Of Testicles and Evolution

The Tampa Tribune, in this article, Senate Bill Would Snip Faux Testicles On Vehicle Bumpers, reminds us that:

With gasoline skyrocketing and the housing slump pulling down Florida’s economy, legislators this week found time to talk about fake bull’s testicles that hang from the rear bumpers of vehicles.

Often, they hang from the backs of pickup trucks.

The state Senate this week opened discussions on the squeamish subject. One senator wants the owners subject to a $60 fine.

We understand that the measure was introduced by state Senator Carey Baker as an amendment to a highway safety bill (S.B. 1992), and it is apparently still pending.

While that vital business is … ah, hanging around, the state’s wise and benevolent lawmakers are still contemplating the bill first introduced by State Senator Ronda Storms (R), permitting teachers to indoctrinate their students with the “science” of Noah’s Ark and mumbo-jumbo like Intelligent Design. For those following the progress of that idiotic action, here are the links, first to the Senate bill, then the House:

Senate 2692: Relating to Teaching Chemical and Biological Evolution.

HB 1483 – Teaching Chemical and Biological Evolution.

The current session of the legislature is scheduled to end on May 2. We eagerly await news of these anti-evolution and anti-testicle laws.

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One response to “Florida’s Legislature: Of Testicles and Evolution

  1. Love the Tampa article, especially this line:

    “If you’re driving down the road with your kid and your kid asks, ‘What’s that?’ and you don’t know what to say, just tell them ‘That’s a male truck.'”