The Real Ronda Storms

Ronda Storms, Intellectual Leader of the Florida Senate

IT’S NOT GENTLEMANLY to be so delighted with this next news story, but it’s difficult to control myself.

The Herald-Tribune, located somewhere in the middle of Florida, has posted this wonderful picture of State Senator Ronda Storms (R) (the Creationist Queen of the Florida Senate) as she was debating her anti-evolution bill.

Storms has passion, not facts, on her side is the article where the picture can be seen.

For our own version of the picture, which is posted above, we’ve cropped it a bit and blacked out the person behind her. That way, you can focus your attention entirely on Ronda. Think of it as a Curmudgeonly public service. The article says:

That delightfully unflattering photo of state Sen. Ronda Storms’ contorted face seems to have caught the spirit of the attempt to undercut science in Florida’s public schools.

Oh, I know that’s not nice to say, or fair. Anyone arguing adamantly can be caught in mid-bellow and happen to look like a personification of braying ignorance.

But, hey, sometimes a photo captures something.

The photo I refer to was taken as Storms argued on the Senate floor in Tallahassee for an evolution-related bill, which has a related bill in the House.

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2 responses to “The Real Ronda Storms

  1. Ronda Storms bears an uncanny resemblance to Dawn French ( Or do I mean Monica Lewinsky?

    But I think you should run a Bubble Caption Competition with this stunning portrait of Ms. Storms. What is this woman saying here?

  2. She is saying: Duuuhhh?

    Storms is a backward ignorant fool – Florida should be ashamed of this imbecile.