Ronda Storms’ Godly License Plate Bill Fails

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NOT CONTENT WITH her anti-evolution bill which was recently passed in the Senate and may yet get through the House, Florida State Senator Ronda Storms (R) was actively pushing her religion into other areas of the state’s business.

As reported in the Pensacola News Journal here: Latest specialty plate rejected, we learn:

A late effort to get a religious specialty plate approved was rejected on the Senate floor Friday.

Sen. Ronda Storms, R-Valrico, tried to amend onto another bill a plate with the words “I Believe” and a large cross in front of a stained-glass, church-like window.

Proceeds from the plate would go to support faith-based education, she said.

Sounds like a proper activity for a state government, doesn’t it? The article continues:

But other members quickly objected, saying the proposed plate did not make it through the required committee process, nor did it follow the required procedures of submitting petitions showing that people are willing to buy it.

Storms argued that the group proposing the plate hired a group to gather petition signatures, and the group hired submitted invalid petitions. The plate’s proponents should not be blamed for that, she said.

Right. Who cares about the rules, when the cause is so obviously righteous?

Be careful what you wish for, Ronda. Once the witch-burning starts, no one will be safe. Not even you.

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