Discovery Institute: Most Ironic Title Ever!

ONE OF THE MANY blogs operated by the Discovery Institute, this one by their creationism-pushing publicity operation called the Center for Science and Culture, which is dedicated to implementing the nefarious Wedge Strategy, has put out a blog article with a title which immediately shattered our irony meter: Lying for Darwin.

Consider, gentle reader, the raw effrontery of it all — an outfit which has relentlessly been pushing the “science” of creationism by means of a cadre of paid bloggers and public-relations flacks is accusing the other side of lying! This is truly stunning.

In their blog entry with the prize-winning title, the Discoveroids are specifically talking about Expelled, the trashy “documentary” staring creationist Ben Stein, as they try to make a case that creationists should have a place at the scientific table — a place they’ve earned as well as astrologers have earned a place within astronomy, or flat-earthers within geology. The Discoveroid blogger claims to be surprised about:

… the sheer flat-out lying done by critics bent on denouncing the movie’s controversial linking of Darwinism and Hitlerism.

Yeah, right. Darwin was responsible for Auschwitz every bit as much as Isaac Newton was for the execution of the Salem witches. No gravity, no hangings!

The Discoveroid blog also says:

Of course sometimes Darwinists aren’t lying.

That’s a big difference between them and creationists. Creationists — including Intelligent Design variety who are creationists in the closet — almost never do anything else.

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