Florida Evolution Debate: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

THE BEST SOURCE of information about the anti-evolution legislation in Florida has been the Florida Baptist Witness, which is not surprising, as the major players in this absurd exercise in theocracy are all members of that denomination. We gave you that information earlier in this article: Florida’s Anti-Evolution Bills: Sectarian Legislation?

That well-informed source has published a new article, House poised to adopt evolution bill different from Senate’s version. With emphasis supplied by us, the article says:

Final passage of the House version is expected April 28. The House’s approval of its different bill would require the Senate to revisit the contentious issue after a slim majority approved its evolution bill on April 23.

The radically different approaches on evolution clouds prospects that any legislation will be sent to the governor in the waning days of the annual legislative session.

This is encouraging. Those closest to the matter aren’t optimistic. Again, we are reminded that the Senate and House sponsors of the creationist “Academic Freedom” legislation belong to the same denomination:

[Ronda] Storms is a member of First Baptist Church in Brandon while [Alan] Hays is a member of First Baptist Church in Umatilla.

We are also reminded that this denomination has its own legislative lobbyist:

In an interview with Florida Baptist Witness reflecting on the competing versions in the House and Senate, Florida Baptist Convention legislative consultant Bill Bunkley said, “I’d be happy to take any language that gets out of here to get something done.”

But Bunkley expressed skepticism that the House language can prevail in the Senate.

“Given the fact that the House language was already offered in the Senate in a full floor debate and rejected, it’s highly doubtful that the Senate will take up the House language and adopt it, in my estimation,” he noted.

The article is long, but very informative — especially about what was said during debates. You get to see the legislators at work — the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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