Expelled — Latest Box Office Results

I SAID I WOULDN’T, but I can’t resist one more report on the latest box-office receipts for Expelled, Ben Stein’s “documentary.” These figures come from Daily Box Office. The first few days’ figures are a bit more precise than those we’ve reported earlier, and we assume the most recent days’ figures are estimates. Here it is, day by day:

$1,208,748 on Friday (opening day)
$996,244 on Saturday
$765,856 on Sunday
$238,804 on Monday
$227,232 on Tuesday
$234,596 on Wednesday
$231,440 on Thursday
$450,000 on Friday (big jump upward)

The cumulative total is shown as $4,353,000.

The Friday just passed grossed only about 37% of the first Friday, but perhaps that’s normal. Opening day is expected to be big. It may be worth noticing that this recent Friday’s gross is less than that for every day of the film’s opening weekend.

The film’s box office ranking is down from 10 to 13. We don’t know the full significance of this, but it doesn’t look favorable.

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