Florida Creationism Bills — Two Informed Opinions

From the Fox Television Station in Orlando we have Bill Requires ‘Critical Analysis’ of Evolution. What makes this story an informed one is that they’ve interviewed John West. He’s a Senior Fellow at the Seattle-based Discovery Institute, where he is Associate Director of their Center for Science and Culture. That makes him one of the chief Keepers of their Wedge Strategy. According to the Fox story (with emphasis supplied by us):

The Senate last week passed a bill based on model “academic freedom” legislation from the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture, a Seattle-based think tank that supports intelligent design research. The Senate bill would prohibit school officials from penalizing teachers who challenge evolution with “scientific information.”

The House removed that language from the bill and replaced it with the “critical analysis” requirement. That’s also acceptable to the center, but it prefers the Senate version.

The House’s insistance on language the Senate already has rejected left John West, the center’s associate director, perplexed.

“It makes me wonder whether some of the people who are for it are actually trying to scuttle it,” West said. He’s worried because the legislative session is set to end Friday. If the two chambers cannot resolve their differences in the remaining four days, the bill will die.

The other informed opinion comes from the Florida Baptist Witness, a newspaper for the denomination to which both Ronda Storms and Alan Hays belong (they’re the sponsors of the Senate and House bills), and which always has good information about the progress of their anti-evolution efforts. In this story, Senate, House adopt different evolution academic freedom bills, we read (with emphasis supplied by us):

Although both chambers of the Florida Legislature have adopted legislation that sponsors believe will protect the academic freedom of public school teachers and students addressing evolution, the adoption of significantly different bills leaves passage in doubt in the final days of the legislative session.


In an interview with Florida Baptist Witness reflecting on the competing versions in the House and Senate, Florida Baptist Convention legislative consultant Bill Bunkley said, “I’d be happy to take any language that gets out of here to get something done.”

But Bunkley expressed skepticism that the House language can prevail in the Senate.

“Given the fact that the House language was already offered in the Senate in a full floor debate and rejected, it’s highly doubtful that the Senate will take up the House language and adopt it, in my estimation,” he noted.

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