Expelled — Box Office Analysis

THIS WEBSITE gives only the weekend gross box-office receipts for Expelled, Ben Stein’s anti-science documentary. It shows receipts for the opening weekend, and then for the film’s second weekend which has just passed. A “weekend” includes receipts for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. A few interesting facts emerge:

First, the number of theaters at which the film is shown has decreased. Expelled started out at 1,052 theaters, but eleven theaters have stopped showing the film. The number of theaters is now down to 1,041. We don’t know if they had agreed to only a one-week contract, or if they exercised an option to drop the film if it didn’t meet expectations.

Second, there was a 53% decrease in gross receipts from week one to week two. The first weekend’s gross receipts were $2,970,848, and weekend gross per theater was $2,824. The second weekend’s gross receipts were $1,394,940, and weekend gross per theater was $1,340.

Third, the film’s weekend box-office ranking is declining. Expelled‘s first weekend was ranked number 10 for the year, and that slipped to number 13 for the second weekend.

Some additional information can be found at this site: 2008 Domestic Grosses. Expelled is currently ranked number 54 for the year of 2008, right behind Run Fat Boy Run.

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One response to “Expelled — Box Office Analysis

  1. Worth noting: according to the Monday box office estimates, “Expelled” averaged about 4 adults per screening (assuming 4 screenings per day per theater and $10 per ticket.)

    With audience numbers surging like that, it wouldn’t surprise me if “Expelled” remained in theaters until…. until the new films come out this Friday!