The Plague of Creationism

A SPECTER IS HAUNTING AMERICA. It’s the specter of creationism, based on the malicious lie that science is an evil and godless enterprise that will somehow destroy all that is good and holy. The purveyors of this madness have chosen to begin what is literally a war on reason by attacking the science of biology.

Why biology? Why not chemistry, or maybe physics? Because biology — and specifically the theory of evolution — appears to contradict the literal way that some denominations read scripture, so the science-haters can present themselves as upholders of the faith against the purveyors of evil.

If they can discredit and outlaw one branch of science, it will be only the first step in getting rid of the rest. Geology teaches that the earth is older than a literal reading of Genesis suggests. Astronomy not only confirms this, it contradicts the scriptural view that the sun orbits the immovable earth. Other sciences are consistent with these, and they cross-confirm each other in numerous ways. They’ve all got to go. And finally, when men can no longer think for themselves, they’ll be ready for the hell of theocracy.

The Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture (the “Discoveroids”) are currently in the vanguard of the war against reason. If you doubt this, then read their Wedge Strategy. It is nothing less than their blueprint for the end of Western Civilization.

In this recent Discoveroid blog article, Evolution Academic Freedom Bills Spread to More States: National Movement Grows, you can see them gloating over the spread of legislation that they have drafted and which they actively promote to destroy the teaching of science in America. You can see their model bill here — the misleadingly named Academic Freedom Act.

These people are serious, and they’re achieving some success. Excerpt from their blog article:

Five states are currently considering adoption of academic freedom legislation designed to protect teachers who teach both the scientific strengths and weaknesses of evolutionary theory. Introduction of similar legislation is being considered by legislators in several other states, indicating the national scope of this movement.


Many of the bills have been adapted from sample legislation developed by Discovery Institute, including a model statute posted online at

But that’s only part of the problem. The American Geological Institute, which represents more than 100,000 geologists, geophysicists, and other earth scientists, maintains an online interactive map of the US with information about anti-science legislation activity in each state. You can find it here: Political Challenges to the Teaching of Evolution .

The map isn’t updated as frequently as we’d like, but Florida (the only state we checked) seems to be current through the middle of April [this was written on 30 April]. Take a look and click on your state. This is a valuable source of information.

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