Expelled — Box Office Results for April 30

THINGS AREN’T GOING WELL for Expelled, Ben Stein’s anti-evolution film. Receipts for Wednesday (April 30th) are now out. Our information comes from Daily Box Office .

Our last update was for Monday, the 28th, when the film grossed a total of $157,191 from 1,041 theaters, which was only $151 for each. For Tuesday, the 29th, the gross was $162,396, or $156 per theater. And for Wednesday the 30th the gross was $159,273, a mere $153 per theater.

We don’t think the theater owners will continue to exhibit this film for the up-coming weekend. At least not if they have any choice.

The film is currently showing at 1,041 theaters (down from 1,052 on its opening weekend). We expect that for the weekend period starting tomorrow, the number of theaters will be significantly lower.

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