Florida Creationism Bills are Dying

ONCE AGAIN, the Florida Baptist Witness has the breaking news. In this article, Senate rejects House evolution bill, we learn:

The Florida Senate today approved without objection a motion offered by Sen. Ronda Storms (R-Brandon) to reject the evolution bill adopted by the Florida House of Representatives.

The measure now goes back to the House for further consideration with one day left in the annual 60-day legislative session.


Pro-family groups supporting adoption of an evolution academic freedom bill believe the House will concur with the Senate measure, sending the legislation to Gov. Charlie Crist who has declined to take a position on the matter.

So there we are. One day to go and now it’s up to the Florida House — which has previously rejected the Senate’s bill in favor of its own “critical analysis” mandate.

But it’s not over yet. A lot can happen in one day.

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