Florida Legislature — Creationism and Bull Testicles

CREATIONISM, MAYBE; replica bull testicles, no. That’s the impression we get from the Miami Herald in this article: May 1: The day in Tallahassee.

First, the anti-evolution legislation (emphasis supplied):

The House now has two choices: pass the Senate’s original version or let the bill die.

Rep. Alan Hays, R-Umatilla, who sponsored the House version, said he’s disappointed that the Senate rejected the House language but hopes to bring the Senate version back to House on Friday. While preferring the House version, the Senate bill is better than nothing, he said.

Moving along to the equally brilliant — but now vanished — amendment to a highway bill that would ban drivers from attaching replica bull testicles to their rear bumpers, we read:

Sen. Carey Baker, R-Eustis, had sponsored the amendment that would have allowed police to give drivers a $60 ticket for displaying the dangling decorations. The House did not have the amendment in its version of the bill.

Senators had engaged in a somewhat heated debate over the issue two weeks ago. Sen. Jim King, R-Jacksonville, said he had bought “Truck Nutz” for his own vehicle and opposed the ban.

So that’s the situation as the lawmakers move into the final day of this legislative session. Relax, Florida. Your state is in good hands.

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2 responses to “Florida Legislature — Creationism and Bull Testicles

  1. longshadow

    The objected to Truck Nutz™ on pickup trucks????

    One can only imagine how they’d feel about Velcro Vulvas™ on Volvos….

  2. I was wondering what happened with the bull testicles in Florida. I’m sure travelers from Texas are relieved to hear this. Now what about those topless hula dancers I see on some dashboards?