Discovery Institute — Deny, Deny, Deny!

IT’S LIKE ONE OF THOSE OLD gangster movies. The good guys arrest the hoodlum and he’s put on trial. What does the bad guy inevitably say? “Those dirty rats! I’ve been framed! The witnesses against me are all lying!”

That’s an ancient cliche in the movies, one that always gets a knowing nod from the audience because we’ve learned that this is how the guilty often react — deny, deny, deny. The more recent formulation is: “Admit nothing, deny everything, and make counter-accusations.”

Although such behavior is painfully obvious and almost always futile, it has become an active public relations tactic at the Discovery Institute, and especially at their Center for Science and Culture. Consider their latest blog article: Intelligent Design: It’s a Creationist Plot. Excerpts:

There are people who apparently have a deep-seated need to believe that Intelligent Design proponents are really creationists in disguise, and that once they have control over the nation’s schools, they’re going to rip off their clever scientist disguises to reveal men in short sleeve dress shirts and horn-rimmed glasses who believe that the earth is only 6,000 years old. Acting on a preordained set of instructions, this view seems to suggest, they will proceed to outlaw any mention of evolution in schools, and will execute plans that involve, among other things, taking students on weekly field trips to Ken Ham’s Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky.

That sounds about right. Let’s continue with the Discoveroid article:

It is a frightening vision of the future: a flood of creationism let loose on the nation’s schools.

Indeed it is — except for theocrat wannabes like the Discoveroids. The rant goes on, focused mainly on Larry Arnhart and his specific criticisms of Ben Stein’s Expelled; but it’s far too long, and it bogs down (in our opinion) in the details of what Arnhart said about Expelled and the Discoveroids. But then, dwelling endlessly on trivia is probably a deliberate attempt to distract from the larger truth they seek to deny.

What’s really interesting about this Discoveroid article is their tactic of openly declaring the full truth of their motivations, but thinly disguising it as an absurdity that only their misguided adversaries believe. Yes — how ridiculous that the Discoveroids might actually be promoting an anti-science agenda!

This biased presentation of reality is then followed by shameless denials and ad hominem attacks such as “All our opponents are atheists!” But there is never any refutation of the truth. Only denial.

We doubt that this is an effective ploy, but it certainly is amusing.

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