Florida Creationism’s Final Day

ANTI-EVOLUTION AND ANTI-SCIENCE madness is still pending in the Florida legislature. This article in the Wall Street Journal brilliantly sums up the background: Evolution’s Critics Shift Tactics With Schools. Excerpts:

They have spent years working school boards, with only minimal success. Now critics of evolution are turning to a higher authority: state legislators.

In a bid to shape biology lessons, they are promoting what they call “academic freedom” bills that would encourage or require public-school teachers to cast doubt on a cornerstone of modern science.

A handful of states have considered such bills in recent years, but backers are now organizing a national movement, with high-profile help from actor Ben Stein. His new documentary, “Expelled,” argues that educators suffer reprisals if they dare question evolution; in an attempt to spur action, he has held private screenings for legislators, including a recent showing in the Missouri statehouse.

The academic-freedom bills now in circulation vary in detail. Some require teachers to critique evolution. Others let educators choose their approach — but guarantee they won’t be disciplined should they decide to build a case against Darwin.

The common goal: To expose more students to articles and videos that undercut evolution.

That tidily sums it up. This is a great article, and we strongly recommend it.

Turning specifically to the situation in Florida, we read this in the Herald-Tribune: Legislature set to end 60-day session. Excerpt (emphasis supplied):

On the last day of session Friday, legislators still have some big issues to tackle.

Lawmakers are expected to take up the issue of commuter rail in central Florida, a plan to lower the cost of health insurance for the uninsured, the teaching of evolution in schools and other education issues.

That’s pretty much it. Nobody else even mentions the subject. The press consensus appears to be that the matter is dead for this session. But like the Terminator, it’ll be back.

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