Florida Evolution Bills Die in Legislature

THERE IS WAILING, moaning, and rending of garments in Seattle tonight, as the Discovery Institute suffers a legislative setback today. Their so-called Academic Freedom Act, which would permit creationism and Intelligent Design to be presented in Florida science classes, has failed to get adopted.

From the Fort Mill Times in South Carolina we learn Evolution bills die in Legislature as session ends. Excerpt:

Hotly debated evolution bills that critics said would inject religious doctrine into public schools in the guise of science died a quiet death Friday on the final day of the legislative session.

House and Senate supporters, mostly Republicans, were unable to resolve their dispute over two versions of the legislation before the close of the session.


The Discovery Institute says no state has yet adopted its legislation but five have included critical analysis requirements in their school science standards.

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2 responses to “Florida Evolution Bills Die in Legislature

  1. Yeah, but what does the ‘Florida Baptist Witness’ say about it?

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