Expelled — Dropped by Hundreds of Theaters

THIS WILL BE THE THIRD WEEKEND for Expelled, Ben Stein’s anti-evolution documentary. After almost continuously plummeting box-office results every day since the film opened, and as we’ve predicted, the film is being abandoned by theaters.

According to this website, Theater Counts, the film will be showing at only 656 theaters this weekend. This is 385 less than yesterday’s count of 1,041 — and that was down from the number for the opening week.

We know there are those who say this film is a roaring success. But the numbers are out there for all to see. Here are the film’s daily box office receipts.

Ben Stein’s next gig will probably be as poster boy for some brand of adult diapers. If he’s lucky.

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3 responses to “Expelled — Dropped by Hundreds of Theaters

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  2. Thank you so very much for planting the image of Stein in adult diapers in my mind. Can I poke out my mind’s eye? Or, better yet, can I bleach my brain?

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