Expelled — Box Office Results Delayed

WE DON’T UNDERSTAND why, but we’ve been waiting all weekend and still can’t find out Friday’s box office results for Expelled, Ben Stein’s anti-evolution film. Our last report was about box-office receipts through the end of April, which was Wednesday.

Thursday’s results have been out for days, but week-day box office receipts aren’t important. Theaters make their money on weekends, starting Friday night. On Thursday, May 1st, the film grossed a total of $158,232 from 1,041 theaters — only $152 for each theater.

We’ve been waiting for at least Friday’s figures to confirm our earlier report that there would be only 656 theaters showing the film, down 385 from the day before. The best we can find is from here, Weekend Box Office, which reports estimated weekend figures, and confirms the huge drop-off in the number of theaters, but doesn’t break the receipts down day by day.

That site reports estimated weekend box office receipts of $684,000, which is $1,042 per theater. Presumably this estimate is for the movie industry’s entire “weekend,” Friday through Sunday.

The previous weekend’s gross was $1,340 per theater, and the weekend before that — the grand opening weekend — grossed $2,824 per theater. That’s all we’ve got right now. When better figures are released, we’ll post them.

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2 responses to “Expelled — Box Office Results Delayed

  1. Hey! No edittttttting!

    Where did my previous comment go?

  2. You aren’t going to get it because they’ve stopped submitting daily numbers, after only two weeks!

    From boxofficemojo: “NOTE: If daily grosses stop for a movie, it means that the respective studio is no longer tracking it on a daily basis.”