Hey, Pat Boone: Shut up and sing!

PAT BOONE, THAT GRAND OLD ENTERTAINER, has an article published in NewsMax: We Need a Surge in Our Domestic Moral War, which expresses many fine moral sentiments. Excerpts:

As the liberal media focuses constantly on devastation in Fallujah, Baghdad, Mozul, and the hapless Iraqi families caught in the crossfire between sectarian and military adversaries, scant coverage is given to battles raging and families being mutilated in Omaha, Philadelphia, Nashville, and all over our country.

True enough. Mr. Boone continues:

Every year, within our borders, an estimated 14,000 to 15,000 Americans are murdered, an alarming percentage by illegal aliens. That’s more than 15 times the death rate in Iraq!

Here we collapse several of Mr. Boone’s paragraphs into one:

Drug financed youth gangs are roaming the streets of virtually every American city … A current 165-page report by a nonprofit study group has identified Las Vegas as a hub for child sex trafficking, revealing that over 400 children have been found “working the streets” in a given month … A USA Today article April 29th reports that an estimated 905,000 children were victims of child abuse or neglect in 2006 …

Mr. Boone presents a truly dreary catalog of horrors afflicting our society. He’s definitely one of the good guys, but he doesn’t have any sense of his limitations. Observe this next excerpt, where poor ol’ Pat runs off the rails:

Of course, while at least 150 million of us take our kids to Sunday School and church or synagogue, teaching them the Bible is true and that God created the world and everything in it, teachers unions and even courts decree that those same kids must be taught the still unproved theory of evolution; if they don’t absorb and reflect that teaching in tests, they’ll flunk their tests — end of story. [Emphasis supplied.]

So there you are. That nasty ol’ Charles Darwin and his “unproven” theory! That’s what’s wrong with this country. Right, Pat. Ain’t that a shame, he’s the one to blame.

A little bit of Noah’s Ark in science class and all our problems will just fade away. Tutti Frutti, all rootie, A-bop-bop, a-loo-mop, a-lop-bam-boom!

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2 responses to “Hey, Pat Boone: Shut up and sing!

  1. balrog666

    Pat Boone knows the Theory of Evolution!

    Why, any minute now, he’ll start singing heavy metal and chanting to the Devil!

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