John Derbyshire bashes “Expelled” again

At the National Review‘s blog, John Derbyshire once again blasts away at Expelled, Ben Stein’s incredibly bad anti-evolution film.

In this article, Derbyshire cuts right to the truth:

Part of the anger that I, and a lot of other science-literate conservatives, feel towards Stein arises from his joining in the creationists’ attempts to breach an academic barrier we’ve put our faith in, perhaps complacently. While every kind of lunacy has run rampant through our Humanities departments this past couple of decades, we’ve taken consolation in the fact that science and math departments have been able to go quietly about their work without any of the lunacy really affecting them. [Emphasis supplied.]

Excellent point! The creationists will, of course, wail that this “academic barrier” is nothing but prejudice against their “science,” but it’s something quite different. It’s what keeps out not only Intelligent Design, but also astrology, flat earth, and Zeus’ thunderbolts. Derbyshire continues.

It is not a coincidence that the current strain of creationism exemplified by Expelled gives off a strong whiff of postmodernism: ruthless power-holders imposing their own version of reality, etc.

Exactly! Derbyshire then quotes a now-vanished article, but there is much value in what he’s salvaged:

“When the religious Right adopts the epistemology of the multicultural Left — that truth is relative — there goes the Enlightenment …”

Bingo! For a Curmudgeonly view of this war on the Enlightenment, we refer you to our own essay: Discovery Institute: Enemies of the Enlightenment.

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