GodTube and Creationism: a match made in heaven

From the UK, we read in Guardian about Manna from hedge fund for Christian site. Excerpts:

A new website run from Plano, Texas, has proved that the Old Testament promise of manna from Heaven has relevance in the digital age.

GodTube, an evangelical twist on YouTube, its secular video-sharing equivalent, has generated so many hits that a London-based hedge fund has poured money into it. GLG Partners, which has no known religious affiliation, has backed GodTube with an investment of $30m. With almost 80% of the American population – about 240 million – describing themselves as Christian, there is a thriving market for the site.

That’s interesting, but ordinarily it wouldn’t have found its way to the Curmudgeon’s blog. But this part of the article captured our attention:

No Christian site would be without its Creationists, and so it comes to pass that GodTube features videos called Chatting With Charlie. They feature a man, standing in what looks like a school science laboratory, who begins by defining evolution as a concept which claims that “given enough time a rock will ultimately turn into a man”. Charlie then holds up a mousetrap. “That’s like saying that this trap could ultimately be turned into a mouse, which doesn’t make a lot of sense.”

What can we say? Let ’em think we’re idiots. Hey, with stuff like that on the internet, it’s obvious that a lot of Americans really are idiots.

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2 responses to “GodTube and Creationism: a match made in heaven

  1. After deciding that I wouldn’t bother blogging about GodTube, I see Curmudgeon has saved me the trouble.

    If you want to see “Chatting with Charlie,” here’s the link

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