Maine school controversy over evolution is growing

The embarrassing lurch toward creationism in Maine schools isn’t getting much press support. In the Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinel in Maine we read: Keep science in the science class …and politics out of it, which says:

… [Athens School Board Director Matthew ] Linkletter wants School Administrative District 59, which includes the towns of Madison, Athens, Brighton Plantation and Starks, to stop teaching evolution. He airily dismisses the validity of the concept which, he says, “you can’t show, observe or prove.” And if evolution is not verifiable, says Linkletter, “then maybe we should leave it out of the science classes. When you make a statement that’s not backed by facts and just represents a world view, then it has no place.” He’s joined by district Board Chairman Norman Luce, who said evolution might be better taught in a philosophy classroom.

So the lunacy isn’t confined to one man and (as we reported earlier) his preacher. Now we see that it moves up the bureaucracy to the next level, and includes the district school board chairman. The article continues:

… Linkletter and Luce should not lecture anybody anything about the theory of evolution while they’re sitting on the school board. In the first place, the state sets the curriculum mandate when it comes to science education and the state says that evolution must be taught. In the second place, neither Linkletter nor Luce know what they’re talking about; we hope their ability to manage the school budget is at a higher skill level.

Let’s get real here: The reason Linkletter and Luce have broached this subject has nothing to do with education and everything to do with politics. It’s a clever twist on this long-running war played out in America’s public schools — don’t force creationism to be taught, just diminish the status of evolution. But removing evolution from the science classroom doesn’t only leave a vacuum — that space is then colonized by the religious dogma that’s behind the removal.

That pretty much describes the situation.

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