South Carolina Creationist Bill — Nine Days Left

AS WE REPORTED yesterday, South Carolina creationist Mike Fair, a member of that state’s Senate, has introduced yet another bill to cripple science teaching. This time, Fair’s legislation is pretty much a copy of the Academic Freedom Act, promoted by the the theocrat wannabes at the Discovery Institute.

As reported by the Greenville News in Greenville Sen. Mike Fair seeks to open debate on teaching of evolution, we learn (emphasis supplied):

A Greenville senator introduced legislation Thursday that would allow teachers to discuss alternative theories to evolution. Sen. Mike Fair, a Greenville Republican, said in a statement the bill wouldn’t advocate any point of view or preclude any theory.

As always, creationists don’t even try to conceal the profoundly dishonest way they deal with their colleagues, their constituents, and the world in general. The article continues:

Jim Foster, a spokesman for the state Department of Education, said he didn’t see the need for the bill. “Science teachers are already free to discuss science,” he said. “So unless the intent is to introduce content that’s not scientific, it’s difficult to see why we need this.”

Ah, Foster is an honest man. Good for him! Continuing:

With nine business days left in the legislative session, Fair said the bill cannot pass this year. However, he said he hopes it starts a debate that will carry over next year, when he plans to re-introduce the bill.

Only nine days more and the bill will die. That is good news indeed! But Mike Fair says he’ll be back. If not, some other creationist will surely take his place. The struggle against this madness never ends.

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