Groups Opposing Anti-Science Legislation

AS WE’VE REPORTED earlier, creationist legislation (that is, legislation motivated by creationists and aimed at preventing evolution from being taught in science classes) is currently pending in South Carolina, Missouri, Michigan, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.

Two similar legislative attempts failed to pass in Alabama and Florida. These efforts all appear to be coordinated (or at least actively encouraged) by the Discovery Institute, because the bills are modeled after their so-called Academic Freedom Act.

There are pro-science citizens’ groups in most of those states that track the “progress” of these bills and that work at a local level to see that they are defeated. We are not aware of any local groups in Louisiana or Missouri, but if we learn of them we’ll post the information. To assist you in following this multi-state issue, here are the websites for groups in the affected states of which we are currently aware (the Curmudgeon isn’t affiliated with any of these groups):

South Carolinians for Science Education

Michigan Citizens for Science

Oklahomans for Excellence in Science Education

As most of you already know, Eugenie Scott’s National Center for Science Education covers the issue at the national level .

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