Expelled — Weekend Box Office Receipts (May 16-18)

THIS WEBSITE gives the weekend gross box-office receipts for Expelled, Ben Stein’s anti-science documentary. It shows receipts for the film’s opening weekend and for each weekend after that, including the fifth weekend for which the site has only estimated figures. A movie “weekend” includes receipts for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

As we’ve previously reported, the number of theaters at which the film is shown has decreased. Expelled started out at 1,052 theaters. The number of theaters is now down to only 210.

The film’s gross receipts have declined every weekend, which is not surprising. We are informed that this is a typical pattern. Here are the numbers:

Weekend 1: $2,970,848 gross, $2,824 per theater (1,052 theaters).
Weekend 2: $1,394,940 gross, $1,340 per theater (1,041 theaters).
Weekend 3: $678,304 gross, $1,034 per theater (656 theaters).
Weekend 4: $328,836 gross, $818 per theater (402 theaters).
Weekend 5: $89,000 gross, $423 per theater (210 theaters).

If a typical adult’s ticket costs $8, then for the latest weekend the average theater sold only 53 tickets, total, for all showings during the entire 3-day period.

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