Discovery Institute — Here’s How They Handle Failure

THE IRONY is delightful. The Washington Post published an editorial this morning which we wrote about approvingly here: The Politics of Stupidity.

As you might have guessed, that editorial has infuriated John West, a Senior Fellow at the Seattle-based Discovery Institute (the DI), where he is Associate Director of their Center for Science and Culture. That makes him one of the chief Keepers of their Wedge Strategy.

In this Discoveroid blog article, Washington Post Editorial Page on Evolution: Fact-Free and Proud of It, Dr. West does what the Discoveroids know so well how to do. He spins. Observe:

The Post has now published its editorial on the topic, and it’s now evident that Ms. Armao [the editorial writer] simply didn’t care about facts. Ms. Armao had her spin, and even though the facts didn’t substantiate it, she was going to stick to it.

Isn’t that amazing? A Discoveroid complaining that a pro-science writer “didn’t care about facts.” If the Discoveroids ever started paying attention to facts … well, we all know that they’d abandon their worthless “science” in an instant. Let’s see another excerpt from the Discoveroid rant:

She [the editorial writer] already had the line she was going to take, and if the facts didn’t substantiate it, she obviously didn’t care.

Actually, that’s an excellent description of how creationists behave. A mindset with which the Discoveroids are very familiar, because it’s theirs. One more excerpt:

The Post also absurdly claims that offering criticisms of Darwinism is tantamount to “question[ing] the existence of gravity or… suggest[ing] that two plus two equals anything but four.”

That’s not an absurd claim. It’s quite accurate. Sorry, Dr. West, you tried to bamboozle the Post and it didn’t work. The Post editorial writers aren’t quite as gullible as that school board in Dover, or a few kooks in various state legislatures.

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