The Politics of Stupidity

IT’S DISTURBING that science is becoming a political issue, with each party taking opposite sides over scientific issues. And it’s especially disturbing that we have one party where the creationists seem dominant. This is no way to choose candidates for secular offices, and a government made up of such people seems intellectually incapable of conducting the nation’s business.

But as whacked as the Republicans seem to be about creationism, the other party has its own madness — like environmental extremism and being anti-nuclear energy. And Marxism, let’s not forget that.

It seems that both parties are run by madmen. Therefore, your Curmudgeon is an equal-opportunity basher of stupidity, wherever it appears. We are also going to praise the occasional presence of sanity, even if it appears in a newspaper with which we usually disagree. For example:

In the Washington Post we have this editorial, Creationism’s Latest Mutation, subtitled “Red-herring arguments about ‘academic freedom’ can’t be allowed to undermine the teaching of evolution.”

NO ONE would think it acceptable for a teacher to question the existence of gravity or to suggest that two plus two equals anything but four. It’s mystifying, then, that a movement to undermine the teaching of evolutionary biology is attracting some support. Equally perverse is that this misguided effort is being advanced under the false guise of academic freedom.

This refers, of course, to the Discovery Institute and their so-called Academic Freedom Act. Continuing:

What’s insidious about these measures is that at first blush they appear so harmless. Isn’t everyone in favor of academic freedom? What’s so wrong about allowing all sides of an issue to be heard? … Clearly, the strategy is to devise an end run around legal decisions — going all the way to the Supreme Court — that restrict the teaching of creationism in public classrooms.

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