Expelled: Yoko Ono litigation update

From USA Today we have N.Y. judge promises quick ruling in Yoko Ono suit. Excerpt:

A judge has promised a fast decision in a lawsuit brought by Yoko Ono to get the song Imagine taken out of a movie challenging the concept of Darwinian evolution. … Ono has accused the movie’s producers of infringing the song’s copyrights by using it without her permission, giving the impression that the Lennon family had authorized it.

In the Telegraph in the UK, we read Yoko Ono in court to stop use of Imagine in anti-Darwin film. Excerpt:

In the film, called No Intelligence Allowed, it is argued that Lennon’s imagined world of “no religion” would lead to social breakdown.

Lawyers acting for the film makers have even told a US court that the film suggests Lennon’s harmonious world “paves the way for fascism, totalitarianism, Nazism”.


Lawyer Anthony T. Falzone, for the film makers, said the portion of Imagine – “nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too” – was central to the movie.


“Really, what the film is doing is, it’s asking if John Lennon was right and it’s concluding he was wrong,” the lawyer told US District Judge Sidney Smith on Monday.


The judge promised a fast decision on the matter.

So there you are. Ben Stein’s film was all about John Lennon’s song, so naturally the film’s producers were justified in … taking it And you were foolish enough to think it had something to do with Darwin and the theory of evolution!

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