Louisiana anti-evolution bill moves forward

LOUISIANA is one of the few states that still has a creationism-in-school bill pending in the state legislature this year. It’s modeled after the Academic Freedom Act, sponsored by the creationist propaganda “think tank” in Seattle, the Discovery Institute.

In the Advocate, in Baton Rouge, we read: Committee OKs science ed bill. Excerpt:

In a packed hearing room, a House committee Wednesday approved a bill that backers said would revamp the way science topics are taught in Louisiana public schools.

The measure, Senate Bill 733, won approval without objection from the House Education Committee after more than two hours of testimony. The bill, which won Senate approval last month, next faces action in the full House.

Supporters said the legislation is needed because some science teachers are afraid to stray from traditional science theories on evolution and other topics.

“This bill is about science education, period,” said Sen. Ben Nevers, D-Bogalusa and sponsor of the measure. “There is no hidden agenda.”

Right. No hidden agenda. Was there ever a creationist who could tell the truth about such things?

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