Louisiana debates creationism in schools

LOUISIANA still has one of those creationism in school bills pending in their state legislature, and the local papers sometimes publish letters from interested citizens. We found one that is especially stupid, so your Curmudgeon feels obliged to bring it to your attention.

This appears in the Advocate in Baton Rouge: ‘Bad’ science and ‘good’ education

Having followed the debate in the letters to the editor about intelligent design being taught alongside of evolution these last few weeks, I am left wondering is there some joke that no one told me about? There has been a long string of college professors and now even a machinist that has written about how intelligent design is “bad” science and that our kids will not be able to compete.

Okay, the letter starts out well enough. And then:

News flash to professors and machinist: teaching our kids their way has made them unable to compete NOW! Louisiana is ranked among the worst in public school education, and they are telling us that intelligent design is bad? Is this a joke?

Is this guy saying what he seems to be saying? Read on:

So who is to blame for Louisiana public schools being among the worst in the United States? Can’t be religious people since there is no religion in public schools. The only people to blame are the very professors and machinist who write to this paper.

So there’s the answer. Science makes us stupid. Turn education over to the anti-science crowd. Then things will really start to progress down in Louisiana.

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