New Transitional Fossil — linking frogs and salamanders

WE ARE FOREVER being told by creationists that there are no transitional fossils. They keep repeating this no matter how many are found. Well, it won’t make any difference to them, but yet another transitional fossil has been discovered.

From the University of Calgary in Canada comes this fascinating news: Missing link found — the origin of frogs and salamanders . Excerpts:

The description of an ancient amphibian that millions of years ago swam in quiet pools and caught mayflies on the surrounding land in Texas has set to rest one of the greatest current controversies in vertebrate evolution. The discovery was made by a research team led by scientists at the University of Calgary.

The examination and detailed description of the fossil, Gerobatrachus hottoni (meaning Hotton’s elder frog), proves the previously disputed fact that some modern amphibians, frogs and salamanders evolved from one ancient amphibian group called temnospondyls.

By the way, while the creationists are waving this discovery away as being insufficient to support the theory of evolution, someone might ask them this: If all species were suddenly created (and not gradually evolved), then why are there any transitionals?

One more excerpt from the press release:

The Gerobatrachus fossil provides a much fuller understanding of the origin and evolution of modern amphibians. The skull, backbone and teeth of Gerobatrachus have a mixture of frog and salamander features—the fossil has two fused bones in the ankle, which is normally only seen in salamanders, and a very large tympanic ear (ear drum). It also has a lightly built and wide skull similar to that of a frog. Its backbone is exactly intermediate in number between the modern frogs and salamanders and more primitive amphibians.

Sounds rather transitional, doesn’t it? Not to the creationists. To them it’s part of an evil fraud to make them feel bad.

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One response to “New Transitional Fossil — linking frogs and salamanders

  1. longshadow

    Q. “If all species were suddenly created (and not gradually evolved), then why are there any transitionals?”

    Shift change at the “Intelligent Design” factory?