Expelled — Ben Stein’s Fiasco!

The dictionary defines “fiasco” as a complete and ignominious failure. And that pretty much describes Expelled, Ben Stein’s shabby, anti-evolution and pro-creationism “documentary.”

We’ve been searching the usual sources of information for box office receipts, number of theaters where it’s playing this weekend, ranking, etc., and the internet is silent. It’s over.

This sad creationist adventure, this financial bust, this box-office loser, this intellectual washout, this pathetic attempt to rally popular support for an idea that hasn’t been taken seriously in scientific circles for at least two centuries — well before Darwin — is finally gone.

Expelled is silently slinking off into the night, un-mourned, un-missed, and totally unsuccessful.

Ben Stein will now gravitate toward that Hollywood retirement home where discredited kooks go to reminisce about happier days, before they lost all credibility over their mindless embrace of astrology, magic crystals, spiritual channeling, and various other mystical, irrational beliefs.

And what of the film? Regardless of Yoko Ono’s copyright infringement suit, the film’s creationist fan club will continue to hail it as a smashing success, they’ll crow about its ranking among documentaries (an unspectacular group at the box-office), and they’ll even rant about how they’ve got the “Darwinists” on the run.

Wrong. We’re not running. We’re laughing too hard.

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