Louisiana: Creationist Legislation and a Creationist Governor

From the neo-theocrats at the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture we have a new blog entry trumpeting the possible passage of an anti-science bill in Louisiana: Louisiana One Step Closer to Instituting Evolution Academic Freedom Act. Excerpt:

In Louisiana, a state legislative committee unanimously has passed to the full state house a bill that will protect the rights of teachers to present scientific evidence both for and against modern evolutionary theory.


The next step is for the House side of the legislature to vote on the bill, which has already passed the Senate with a 35-0 vote, and that could happen as early as next week. Because of a new amendment allowing for the state board of education to have final say on supplemental texts used the bill will still have to go back to the Senate for final ratification.

If this mess passes, we assume it will be signed by Governor Bobby Jindal. As is reported here: McCain’s Vice Presidential Candidates:

Mr. Jindal, who was born in Baton Rouge, La., to a family that had just arrived there from the Punjab area of India … campaigned for governor as a social conservative, opposing human embryonic stem cell research and abortion in any form and favoring teaching “intelligent design” in schools as an alternative to evolution.

Stay tuned, Curmudgeon fans. Aside from the fate of science education in Louisiana, it will be far more interesting to see if Mr. Jindal gets selected by John McCain as his running-made.

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