Expelled — It’s Back!

WHEN WE couldn’t find any current information about Expelled, Ben Stein’s anti-evolution and pro-creationism film, we assumed that its futile run was over, and we posted an appropriate epitaph: Expelled — Ben Stein’s Fiasco!

Your Curmudgeon, however, is obsessed with accuracy, so we made a final check. It now appears that the online information upon which we relied was merely delayed, and we reached a too-hasty conclusion.

Creationists can rejoice. Somewhere in this country, presumably in those zipcodes where college degrees and teeth are equally rare, 83 theaters are still showing the film (it’s been dropped by another 127). This is all that remains after the original grand opening at 1,052 theaters in mid-April. The information is here: Theater Counts. You’ll have to scroll way down, because Expelled is number 21 on that listing.

The film’s epitaph we posted was premature, but we’ll leave it up. It’s accurate in everything but the timing.

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