Discovery Institute — Freedom is Slavery (and other Big Brother-isms)

IT ALWAYS AMAZES US when the neo-theocrats at the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture manage to exceed their earlier benchmarks for inane blogging. The title of their newest article — by Casey Luskin, our favorite — largely speaks for itself: Barbara Forrest’s Shameful Misinformation Campaign against Academic Freedom in Louisiana.

Okay, now who is Barbara Forrest? She was an essential witness at the trial of Kitzmiller et al. v Dover Area School District et al. As Judge Jones said:

Dr. Barbara Forrest, one of Plaintiffs’ expert witnesses, is the author of the book “Creationism’s Trojan Horse.” She has thoroughly and exhaustively chronicled the history of ID in her book and other writings for her testimony in this case. Her testimony, and the exhibits which were admitted with it, provide a wealth of statements by ID leaders that reveal ID’s religious, philosophical, and cultural content.

Specifically, it was Dr. Forrest who exposed the sordid truth about the allegedly scientific “Pandas” book that the crazed Dover school board was promoting in science class. The judge specifically found (emphasis supplied):

As Plaintiffs meticulously and effectively presented to the Court, Pandas went through many drafts, several of which were completed prior to and some after the Supreme Court’s decision in Edwards, which held that the Constitution forbids teaching creationism as science. By comparing the pre and post Edwards drafts of Pandas, three astonishing points emerge: (1) the definition for creation science in early drafts is identical to the definition of ID; (2) cognates of the word creation (creationism and creationist), which appeared approximately 150 times were deliberately and systematically replaced with the phrase ID; and (3) the changes occurred shortly after the Supreme Court held that creation science is religious and cannot be taught in public school science classes in Edwards.

So that’s who Barbara Forrest is — a true champion of reason. And that’s the person being labeled as “shameful” by Casey Luskin, a full-time blogger for the creationist Discoveroids. Is everything in perspective now?

With that background, let’s see what Casey is babbling about this time. Oh, it’s that pending creationism legislation in Louisiana, the one based on the creationist Academic Freedom Act. Casey starts out saying:

Opponents of academic freedom in Louisiana have been putting out a smokescreen of misinformation in their effort to kill legislation to protect the rights of Louisiana’s science teachers. Rather than discuss the real issues at stake, they are trying to get their way through misrepresentations, scare tactics, and the demonization of those who support honest discussion of scientific controversies.

Okay, Casey. That’s enough out of you for a while. Go to your room.

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